In a busy world where skyrocketing stress levels are causing people to get sick, a novel local business offers a sanctuary where anyone can stop and smell the roses, lilies, daisies, orchids and other colorful healing flowers.

Katie Hess is the owner and founder of Lotuswei, at 810 W. Bethany Home Road, which offers products made with flowers intended to help people heal from a wide variety of issues (submitted photo).

Lotuswei began in 2007 and has blossomed in an expansive building called the Self-Arising Nature (SAN) Center that it bought at 810 W. Bethany Home Road, where it has been selling its elixirs, anointing oils, aura mists, bath salts and serums made with flowers and other ingredients since late 2018. Dark chocolate, jewelry and other products, as well as flower readings, meditation, as well as full moon circles, which are sacred rituals of awakening truth with flowers and Tai Chi, Qi Gong and art classes are offered in the large structure where colorful pillows and pictures of flowers are spread.

The products, classes and gatherings are designed to help people find balance, recover from stress and thrive using the benefits of nature.

“Everything that we do stems out of reconnection to Mother Nature,” said Katie Hess, owner and founder of Lotuswei. “Innately we know plants and flowers have different qualities for us. You’ll always be drawn to the flowers you need the most.”

A Flower Essence New Moon Circle will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 24 in the SAN Center. Visitors may enjoy just “being” as they sip a full moon beverage with flower elixirs chosen spontaneously and engage in meditation and an interactive circle experience with flower elixirs. The cost is $25.

Hess, who has a staff of 10 people at Lotuswei, travels to Singapore, Taiwan, Canada, Mexico, India, Iceland, Costa Rica and Korea, as well as other parts of the United States to find flowers. She has a bachelor’s degree in sociology from University of Wisconsin at Madison and has been studying natural remedies for many years. Hess said customers tell her they feel better after only having used the products for a day.

The popular flower elixirs contain various flower essences and honey and aim to produce different effects including helping people sleep better, feel more love and experience more energy and creativity. Hess recommends people take five drops in their mouths five times a day of elixirs, either directly in their mouth or in water or tea. The Joy Juice elixir contains African daisy, Birdsfoot Lotus, Chocolate Daisy and Pink Spirea and it reportedly magnifies joy, laughter, euphoria, contentment and enhanced enjoyment of life.

Another well-liked product is the Infinite Love Elixir, which combines Hong Kong orchid, fireweed, wild hawkweed and pink magnolia that enhances unconditional love for yourself and others, as well as dissolves irritation and being tough on yourself.

Lotuswei’s Quiet Mind Elixir reportedly boosts clarity, focus, a relaxed body, sound sleep and the ability to take breaks and be more effective. The flower elixirs with multiple flowers cost $35 each and last customers about three to four weeks, Hess said.

Anointing oils, a mixture of flower essences and essential oils infused in organic, jojoba oil, are similar to perfume and offer similar effects as the flower elixirs. You may spray the aura mists that also provide healing while the serums, which are made from flower essences and essential oils infused in an organic safflower oil base, are ideal to rub on skin during massages. Bath salts, for $12 per packet, also offer another way to unwind and reach your goals. Dark chocolate infused with flower essences from sister company, Wei of also is sold at Lotuswei.

Hess is founder of the SAN Center and also wrote a book, “Flowerevolution.” Get a flower reading at the SAN Center, where you pick different pictures of flowers you prefer and a staff member tells you what areas of your life you want to improve. Included in the $90 price of flower readings are a flower elixir, anointing oil and mist. You may relax with a botanical treatment where staff members help you heal with eucalyptus, fresh flowers, flower essences and aromatherapy and also receive a flower reading and hot tea for $250 for an hour.

Lotuswei’s products are sold around the world and Hess and her team even made some for former President Obama and his family. You may book private ceremonies and reserve time for corporate team building in the SAN Center.

Hess also produces The Flowerlounge Podcast, through which she interviews creative people and spreads knowledge about plants to help anyone bloom. To learn more, sign up for the Jan. 24 Flower Essence New Moon Circle or to schedule a gathering, call Lotuswei at 844-WEI-COOL (934-2665) or visit or For information about the SAN Center, visit



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