The Buzze outlet share app connects neighbors to host charging stations (submitted photo).

Local Arizona startup Buzze officially launched its electric vehicle (EV) charging tech mobile app Nov. 8 at a host residence in North Central Phoenix. The company is working to build a peer-to-peer shared network of home electric charging stations across the state and beyond.

The company’s approach is to have EV owners who already have level 2 chargers installed in their homes serve as “hosts” for their neighbors who have an EV but no place to charge it. By building a community of “drivers helping drivers,” the company hopes to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles and contribute to a cleaner and sustainable future.

For those who rent their home, the high installation costs of level 2 home chargers mean they will not be able to access fast home charging. The same is true for most of those who live in apartments. Buzze solves the problem of these charging challenged by providing neighborhood charging at homes right in their neighborhood. At the same time, those who sign up to be hosts can generate extra income of up to $400 per month by hosting EV charging at their home – helping make installing level 2 chargers much more affordable.

The company says that it has national ambitions to encourage individuals to switch to electric vehicles and promote sustainable transportation options. Aaron Lieberman, a former Arizona State Representative, is the founder and CEO of Buzze. The company’s initial geographic focus is the Greater Phoenix Area, and it already has more than 60 hosts across the Valley, from New River to Casa Grande and everywhere in between.

The app shows EV drivers a map of nearby level 2 charging hosts to select from and helps them schedule their next charging appointment. At the time of the appointment, the driver will arrive at the host’s home to charge their vehicle. The app is then able to meter the charge through the car’s telematics, and then settle the payment. The company then charges the driver, and compensates the host for the energy used, allowing them to earn additional income – even if they’re not at home.

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