Paving is taking place along the Dreamy Draw bike path, which has been delayed past the projected completion date (photo courtesy of City of Phoenix).

Residents who have been looking forward to once again using the Dreamy Draw Bike Path will have to wait a little bit longer, according to the City of Phoenix.

In its March newsletter, the Drought Pipeline Project team wrote, “The bike path and trail openings have been delayed past the projected March date. Material, scheduling, unknown utilities and weather delays have been compounded throughout the project and are now impacting the final completion and restoration efforts.”

They expressed confidence that the Bike Path, Perl Charles Trail (#1A) and Dreamy Draw Pleasant Tunnel will be open this spring. Minor pipeline and landscaping work will continue in the Dreamy Draw Recreation Area after the path and trails are open. The team also reiterated that, although the state received significant rainfall and snowfall this season, drought conditions still exist on the Colorado River, and the installation and operation of the Drought Pipeline to mitigate restrictions on the water supply has been a priority, adding, “The pipeline has been installed and is currently operating to provide water to the area north of the Phoenix Mountains Preserve.”

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