The Phoenix Water Services Department is introducing new financial incentives for residents in order to promote sustainable water use and conservation. These incentives are aimed at encouraging the adoption of high-efficiency appliances and fixtures, saving water, and reducing household expenses.

Residents can begin the application process by visiting the Water Conservation Incentives webpage.

Key highlights include a $75 rebate for the purchase and installation of a new EPA WaterSense-labeled toilet of 1.28 Gallons Per Flush (GPF) or less and a $75 incentive for the purchase and installation of an EPA WaterSense-labeled smart irrigation controller. The department says that both these devices can lead to an estimated saving of approximately 10,000 gallons of water per year for each household.

The program is open to single-family residential households or renters who are city of Phoenix water utility customers. Renters must include a letter of approval from their landlord. Interested participants can apply for the incentives in the “Submit Documents – City Services Bill” section of myPHX311. Visit and click on the “myPHX311” link at top.) Detailed instructions and requirements for each incentive are available on the platform, ensuring a smooth application process.

The city emphasizes that these incentives are not just about saving water; they are about ensuring the city’s future sustainability, “With the challenges posed by population growth and changing climate patterns, every gallon saved contributes to the city’s resilience,” the department said in a released statement.

For information, visit


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