Residents who see graffiti in their neighborhood can report it and, in most cases, the City of Phoenix will remove it for free.

The city says that in 2022, the Neighborhood Services Department (NSD) Graffiti Busters used nearly 12,000 gallons of paint to clean up approximately 50,000 sites of graffiti around Phoenix. The Graffiti Busters work seven days a week, tracking down graffiti and responding to reports from residents. Crews can cover or remove up to 200 sites of graffiti every day, at no cost to residents or businesses.

If you see graffiti in your neighborhood there are three ways to report it and have it removed: visit; call 602-534-4444; or send an email to

Residents also can help wipe out graffiti.  The city will provide color-matched paint and supplies to help erase vandalism in your area.

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