Whether at the bar or one of the comfortable booths, patrons will find the staff at Sunny’s to be friendly and knowledgable (photo by Kathryn M. Miller).

Sunny’s Lounge (Say Less) opened Sept. 19 in the former neighborhood spot that, for almost two decades, was Shady’s Fine Ales and Cocktails.

The new neighborhood bar is designed especially for those in the food and beverage sector, according to the team behind Sunny’s — the hospitality group Barter & Shake, known for its Century Grand concept up the road at 3626 E. Indian School Road. Inspired by the catchphrases deeply ingrained in the service industry, Sunny’s Lounge (Say Less) takes its name from one such expression that encapsulates the essence of teamwork and camaraderie, Mat Snapp, EVP of operations of Barter & Shake, explained.

“‘Say Less’ is more than just a name; it’s our mantra. It represents our commitment to understanding your needs without you having to say much, offering a personalized experience for each guest,” Snapp said. He added that in service industry parlance, “Say Less” means an agreement or an understanding without further comment. It encourages direct, succinct communication without unnecessary detail. It means, “We’ve got your back!” This ethos is at the heart of the establishment.

Sunny’s Lounge is located at 2701 E. Indian School Road. For more information, visit www.drinkmoresayless.com.


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