Daphne Munro shares useful money-saving tips and tells stories about smart, motivational residents on her website and through her new Smart Living podcast (photo courtesy of Smart Shopper Daphne).

Many residents still remember Daphne Munro for her upbeat television segments, but more recently, the North Central Phoenix neighbor has moved into the world of podcasts. And while the format is different, the content is still very much on brand for the savings maven.

Known as ABC15’s Smart Shopper beginning in 2004, Munro recalled helping create and build that popular segment, and others. But things began to change in 2016.

“I felt that social media and living in the digital world was going to be better for the brand,” she said. “So, I left in 2016, took about a year off to redo things, and then I lived in the digital world starting in 2017. But the pandemic really got most people kind of off track. So, I basically just kind of fell off the face of the earth, for two or three years.”

But in 2024, the time was right to relaunch her efforts and a podcast was born in an effort to reach a broader audience, “Because it’s just this simple: I’m always going to show people ways to save money and spend their money wisely.”

Munro says that she also happens to know a lot of interesting women, and it is their stories that she wants to help tell on her new podcast, Smart Living.

“I want women to be able to tell their stories on how they made smart choices in their life to lead to their success,” she said. “And that success is not always defined by money. It can be defined by the things that they love and they’re passionate about. That’s what Smart Living podcast is all about.”

Her smart money-saving tips will always be an integral part of her blog and podcast; however, “That’s my brand and that’s how everybody knows me — that’s who I am.”

Munro’s smart shopping habits didn’t begin with her television segment, though. It came about naturally years earlier.

“In 2000, I was just a young woman trying to support her family, and I just happened to be an incredibly cheap person,” she laughed. “When you have a family, you’ve got to make ends meet. So, you may not necessarily be a bargain person, but you become one because of the situation.”

Her new podcast will be a seasonal offering, currently posting one episode a week. But when summer rolls around, it will likely become a monthly production, “It just depends on how people are receiving the podcast,” she said.

As far as content, expect smart, interesting and motivational guests, such as Bridget Pettis, former WNBA player and coach, and founder of the nonprofit Project Roots. Other guests include a local realtor talking about a free buyer’s guide, and a look at the hidden costs behind electric vehicles.

“It really is all about living your life smart. But people also really enjoy listening to other people’s life story,” Munro said, adding, “Women are smart as hell. And I know so many wonderful women in the Valley that are all on the same page as me. We’re just trying to make a living here. And so, you’ve got to make smart choices with your money.”

To find podcast episodes and Munro’s money- and time-saving life hacks and more, visit www.smartshopperdaphne.com.


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