This month, local family-owned Chas Roberts Air Conditioning and Plumbing announced the winner of a special edition of the Cool Play Giveaway. The company says that the additional giveaway adds to its annual efforts to support local families and provide comfort during hot summer months.

Established by founder Chas Roberts and currently led by the third-generation president and CEO, Sissie Roberts Shank, the program aims to support local families and organizations facing difficulties by providing them with essential new A/C systems.

“Summer temperatures in Phoenix are brutal, so a functioning air conditioner is not a luxury, its essential for health and safety,” said Shank. “Our community is part of our family at Chas Roberts so each year we strive to help local families who might struggle to afford a new A/C system. We decided to add an additional recipient this year to help more families facing financial struggles. It’s our way of giving back and ensuring everyone can stay cool and safe, especially in our brutal summer heat.”

The company announced that Phoenix resident Rosanne’s family was selected as the recipient for the special edition giveaway, saying, “They have faced significant challenges over the last few years, with Rosanne becoming the sole provider and caretaker of their 5-year-old son, Declan, after the tragic loss of her husband to cancer. Despite facing immense medical expenses and the strains of single parenthood, Rosanne continues to contribute positively to her community through her work at UMOM Day Center. This gift aims to alleviate one of the family’s pressing concerns, ensuring they have a reliable cooling system during the harsh Phoenix summer.”

To nominate a family or business for the summer giveaway, visit


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