Inspired by the Tabernas Desert in southern Spain, the new Tabernas Tajine is a Scorpion Bowl style cocktail served at The Cave (photo courtesy of Quartz).

For the first time since its opening last year, Quartz has introduced new, elaborate cocktails at The Cave, its immersive concept within a concept cocktail experience. The menu is inspired by deserts around the world and includes exotic concoctions such as The City of Dreams — a take on the classic Millionaire Cocktail and inspired by India’s Thar Desert, Tabernas Tajine — a blending of Moroccan and Spanish cultures inspired by the Tabernas Desert in southern Spain, and Dumbo’s Delirium — a far-out version of a Cosmo Cocktail with flavors from the Namib Desert in Southern Africa.

Quartz is located at 341 W. Van Buren St., Suite B. For additional information, call 602-385-0299 or visit


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