The Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) announced an updated road test experience for new drivers that includes providing proof of insurance and registration prior to the exam.

“These changes are intended to provide a consistent experience at any of the MVD offices or authorized third party locations across Arizona,” said Mike Cryderman, MVD field operations administrator, in a press release. “This new process continues our vision to become the safest, most reliable transportation system in the country.”

When new drivers arrive at an MVD or Authorized Third Party location to take their road test, prior to the driving portion of the test, the instructor will now ask them to provide the registration and insurance documents for the vehicle. MVD says that is to ensure each driver knows what documents are required in each vehicle, and where they are located.

The next new step will include a brief vehicle inspection to make sure the vehicle is properly maintained and operational for the public roads. Tire safety and turn signal lights are some of the elements checked at this point.

“Customer basic safety knowledge” is also a new step where the applicant must demonstrate the ability of using different aspects of the vehicle or identify the condition of the car prior to beginning the road test. In this portion, the driver will be asked to locate and demonstrate several features of the vehicle such as, the windshield wipers, emergency brakes, hazard lights and the high beams.

Once the vehicle and applicant are cleared, the road test is then ready to proceed. This portion of the test will now take approximately 15-20 minutes to cover the five to eight miles that better reflects a typical commute.

These changes came about as part of a pilot program at 12 field offices across the state since August of 2021, and will now be effective Thursday, Sept. 29, at all MVD and third-party locations.

More information about the road tests can also be found at


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